Benefits of using smart contract

How Everything Works

Easy start

Simply connect Tron Link wallet, choose matrix and deposit GLT

Live tech support

if something is unclear, don't hesitate to ask in our telegram group

Quick & Simple

Make your own community of like minded people and earn residual income

Absolute no risk

Smart contract works for you even if you move slower

The user will have his own Referral code

Global Leaders Process Flow

Matrix 1

1 2
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

One billing cycle is 2/4/8 (14 Members) should be joined by referrals and registered as members by depositing into any one of the matrices.

Matrix 2

There are 8 width positions in pool 2, and an endless vertical.Person takecommissions verticali when people cross to pool 2, from left to rightand take place above him

All data is stored in the blockchain and can be verified by clicking on the smart contract address

Partner's results

Crypto questions and answers

Frequently asked Questions

GLC is a first of a kind blockchain based networking platform, for like minded people who strive to achive more and to soround them self with people who will help them achive their goals. Business club that is here to help you in achiving more with other business people all around the world.

Is it safe for me to join?

100% safe. Safe from bad leadership. Safe from companies hat disapier after few months. Safe from bad CEO-s that ruin the business. Safe and witen in blockchain, without owner, without posibility to change smart contract and safe as it is depending just on you and your activity.

GLC is invite only community, that means that you can only join by referal link of already registered member in our community and that reccomend you to be our new ambasador or entrepreneurship, knowledge, humanity.

YES! First be aware of scammers, triple check tha you are visiting ONLY . Click the referal link your friend provide you. Install Tron Link Wallet app or add a google chrome extension. Create wallet, and keep your seed words safe in phisical shape. Send some TRX to your wallet as it will be used for a fee gas. Choose matrix to join and make a contribution of GLT toward you desire. You are register now!

Global Leaders will obligate you to anything. Even if you decide to stop recommending and creating your own network, smart contract will eventualy reward you from activity of other members.

Ofcorse, there is one, contact us of and we will provide it for you.